What will you learn in Financial Aid and Scholarship Workshop Online Course?


The Financial Aid and Scholarship Workshop (FASW) Online course is a 7 lesson, financial aid course taught by the #1 Online Financial Aid Coach, Sedgwick Hines.  Sedgwick will walk you and your parents, step-by-step, through the basics of understanding the financial aid process, creating a scholarship search strategy, applying for scholarships and financial aid, completing the FAFSA, and much more!

If you have any questions or run into problems along the way, Sedgwick and his staff will be there to help you along.

Phase 1: Scholarships

Timeline: August – June


Lesson 1

Step-1-ABC-v2Step 1: Financial Aid Basics
In Lesson 1, Sedgwick walks you through the world of applying for financial aid, carefully explaining in non-technical language steps that will guide you through the entire financial aid process. You will also learn what you need to do, what you need to avoid – and why you must start applying for scholarships and financial aid now.


Lesson 2

Step-2-Personal-Assessment-goalsStep 2: Personal Assessment
Sedgwick walks you through the process of documenting information about yourself, your college plans and career goals, your family’s background and much more in Step 2: Personal Assessment. The documentation process will help you complete your college and scholarship applications in a timely manner.


Lesson 3

SStep-3-Scholarship-Sources-Strategytep 3: Scholarship Search Strategy
Sedgwick is going to guide you step-by-step through the entire process of creating a scholarship and financial aid strategy to help you search and apply for hundreds of scholarships and financial aid. Once you develop a strategy, you should be able to search and apply for national, regional, state and local scholarships.


Lesson 4

Step-3-Scholarship-Sources-v2Step 4: Financial Aid Sources
Sedgwick will share with you over 30 financial aid and scholarship sources to help you apply for federal student aid, grants, national scholarships, state scholarships and grants, college scholarships, scholarships for women, scholarships for minorities, and local scholarships offered by organizations in your community and city.


Lesson 5

Step-4-Win-AppicationsStep 5: Winning Scholarship Applications
Sedgwick draws on over 20 years of financial aid experience to teach you how to submit professional looking scholarship applications to increase your chances of winning scholarships. Plus, he’ll share with you how to prepare and ace a scholarship interview – and what to avoid.


Phase 2: FAFSA

Timeline: November – April


Lesson 6

Step-5-FAFSA-v2Step 6: Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
Sedgwick will explain to you the importance of completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) which determines your eligibility for the Federal Student Aid Programs, which is the largest source of financial aid for students.  Plus, he’ll share with you what you’ll need to complete the FAFSA,  how to submit the FAFSA, common mistakes to avoid and more.


Phase 3: Financial Aid Award Letters

Timeline: July – September


Lesson 7

Step-6-Award-Letters-v2Step 7: Financial Aid Award Letters
Sedgwick will help you understand, decode and compare the financial aid award letters that you will receive from the colleges that accept you for admission.  You will also learn how to estimate your student loan debt upon graduating from college.  Plus, he’ll share with you tips on how to appeal your award letter and how to avoid losing your financial aid once you start college.


Your FASW Online Membership includes everything you need to help you understand, search and apply for scholarships and financial aid.


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