School Partners/Multiple-User Licenses

If you are a school, college or an organization looking for a financial aid workshop to help your students apply for scholarships and financial aid, then you can save money and offer the Financial Aid Scholarship Workshop Online Course (FASW Online) to your students with our Multiple User License.  The FASW Online is ideal for high school juniors and a must-have course for high school seniors and parents.

With a Multiple-Users License, an administrator from your school or organization can register multiple students for the FASW Online course, in which each registered student will have a personalized online account. The more users covered by the Multiple-Users License, the lower the per-user cost, the greater the savings. The Multiple-Users License does not allow online account sharing by students or educators.

We offer budget-friendly volume discounts for as little as 10 students and we provide you with access to your own Educator’s Account where you can track your students’ progress online.   Your students will have unlimited access to the Financial Aid Scholarship Workshop Online Course for 12 months from their date of registration.  Your students will also be able to access the FASW Online Course – anytime and anywhere –  from any computer, tablet, smartphone, iPhone, iPad or mobile device with internet access.

You can offer the FASW Online Course to your students in a variety of ways, such as:

  • As an add-on/enrichment course (especially for first-generation and low-income students)
  • As a required course with class credits
  • As an after-school program
  • As a home-study course for students

The benefits of a Multiple-User License are:

  • Heavily discounted rate when offered through your school, college or organization
  • Bulk-purchase discount
  • Up to two FREE Educator’s accounts for your coordinators
  • Printed and PDF certificates for your students
  • Gradebook feature to monitor your students’ course progress and quiz scores
  • Ongoing support and assistance to you and your students
  • Tools and resources for classroom based teaching
  • Your branding and link added to our course partners page


For more details about how to offer the Financial Aid Scholarship Workshop Online Course at your school, college or organization, please complete the form below:


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